Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Submission for Critique... Scary Stuff

This book is the first thing I've ever written with the intent to share. I desperately want it to be perfect. When I read the words, I LOVE it; I GET it; and I hope anyone who would share hours of their life reading it, would be entertained enough to say the same, then pass it on.

My point is… my dream is to share it. Which means letting someone else read it. So far, I've only shared it with a few select people who I KNOW will say they love it.  There are two others, both relatives, who said "Hey, I'd love to read it..." then, never said a word about it. That makes one wonder... “What if it's crap? What if I'm one of the people out there who think they can write but can't?” You know, like the ugly girl trying out for American Idol.... What if I'm her? Or, what if I'm not?  What if, I truly have what it takes to get published?

What if? Those are big words to me today.

A few weeks ago my membership on Litopia, an online group for writers, was upgraded. I have access to critiques… such valuable insight. Then yesterday, a gentleman from cyberspace commented about the paragraph I blogged a while back. He liked what he read, made a rational and very good suggestion on how I may want to enhance it… and offered to critique a chapter, if I was interested.  Good news right? I am so grateful for both these opportunities, and yet I’m scared to death!  It’s those darn ‘what if’s’ that keep getting in my way.

I am proud to say, I fought my silly fear, and sent the first chapter off for critique. Who knows what will come of it. Hopefully, my dreams won’t come crashing down around me. I hope I have what it takes to hear what the readers have to say. Above all, I hope I have the common sense to listen.